What is silicon (silicium) ?

Silicon is one of the beneficial minerals specifically absorbed by plants and is essential for their proper growth. It is present in human connective tissues (skin, aorta, bones, hair, tendons,…).

The benefits of silicon

Silicon plays a major role in the resistance and flexibility of connective tissues. In the skin, it has a protective effect by strengthening the skin barrier, accelerating the healing processes and improving the clinical signs associated with age as well as the quality of nails and hair.

In the body, only organic silicon can be assimilated. Organic silicon derivatives are therefore of particular interest in cosmetic products, because they allow the bioavailability of silicon in the skin, hair and nails, in order to strengthen them.

Silicon at MAVALA

Organic silicon is now included in the formula of a selection of MAVALA nail polishes.

By increasing the level of silicon present in the nails, it thus contributes to improve their quality and resistance !

You will find the list below of the MINI COLOR shades containing silicon. They are easily identifiable with the mention "

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