Important tips

Why nail polish is flaking ?

How to erase errors, stains of nail polish ?

A Manicure Stick wrapped with cotton wool dampened with Mild Nail Polish Remover is the traditional method, but the Mavala Corrector for nail polish is particularly recommended in that case.

How to apply uniformly nail polish ?

First of all, be sure that nail polish has the correct consistency. If it is too thick, add a few drops of Thinner. Apply nail polish in long strokes, avoid brush short strokes. The second coat should cover light areas or empty zones which have not been covered by the first coat.

How to open a stuck bottlecap ?

Who has never struggled against a stuck bottle cap ? Most of the people have the same reaction to this unpleasant situation, they immerse the bottle in hot water, shake it or hit it on a table. These methods are very unappropriate as the bottle may break and endanger your nails. The simplest idea is to wrap the cap of the bottle with a rubber band. The result is astonishing, your bottle will open simply without any effort.