Fixes lipstick.

Lip Base — Fixes lipstick.

Lips, unlike face and body skin, have no sebaceous glands to maintain the functioning of the skin's natural barrier. Lips become exposed to dryness, chaps and cracks more quickly and must, therefore, be better protected.

Light and penetrating cream, specially gentle for the lips, that forms a protective base. It contains shea butter, bisabolol, allantoin and mallow extract, allowing lips to remain supple and soft. Its fixing agents limit lipstick smudging to prolong its hold, enhance its colour and brightness

How to use

Apply LIP BASE using your fingertips over cleaned lips. Wait a few seconds, then apply, as usual, MAVALIP LIPSTICK, or MAVALA LIPSTICK with Prolip™, or your regular lipstick.


Does not contain any fragrance or colourant.

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